Wireless Portable Karaoke Machine

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Karaoke Machine,Portable PA System Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for Kids & Adult with Disco Ball & Wired Microphone for Party/Christmas/Thanksgiving: Musical Instruments

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Portable & Lightweight

Portable hand-held with lightweight design, people of any age can easily take it to wherever they like, and then start their music feast.

Hard Shell

Sturdy and resistant material, you don’t need to worry about it being damaged even if you drop and touch it occasionally.

Record & Replay

Find the sound you like to record and replay it whenever you want! And all you need is a USB stick and a button.

Power Bank

The intimate charging port design allows you to stop worrying about power, because it is your exclusive power bank.

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Wireless Portable Karaoke Machine

  1. Susie Kalinoski

    We made a small stage in our basement for the grandkid’s performances. This machine is every bit as advertised. Surprisingly good quality for $50. Pretty darn loud for a little thing. I was surprised by the volume. Blue tooth pared immediately and worked really well. The light show is surprisingly good as well, but the laser type lights gave me a headache. They are easily unplugged though. We are still experimenting with the lights, but I think I’ll just try to shield the half that faces the audience, because it still makes a great show on the back walls and ceiling. The microphone is of higher quality than I would have expected for this price. We haven’t tested the battery time/duration yet, but it functions equally well when unplugged and running off of the battery. Very pleased.

  2. Kevin & Liz

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     Got this speaker for my 15 year old son for his birthday. He literally uses it everyday. It plays pretty loud and has decent bass for its size. A Bluetooth works perfectly with my son’s phone. The lights in the front bounce up and down to the beat and look really cool at night. My son plans on taking the speaker to the park with him when he plays basketball. I asked him how long the battery lasts and he said a long time. You can plug it into the wall to use it and charge the battery at the same time. It’s pretty lightweight which is surprising since it plays pretty loud. My son doesn’t really use the karaoke capability. He just loves the portability of the speaker and how good it sounds. This was a great gift and is his favorite.

  3. NTG

    My spouse LOVES karaoke so this was a must buy. It also doubles well as just a regular Bluetooth speaker. It’s very light weight and the sound is great. Not sure about the other review claiming sound wasn’t good – I had to change volume on the speaker as well as the actual device it was connected to. Very useful for a backyard BBQ. I’m looking forward to using this for a karaoke party one night once we can actually have friends over 🙂

  4. Harshi

    I was looking for a Karaoke for my daughter.This is perfect: right priced, low weight, good sound.My 3yr old can lift it and take it along with her. This can be good for small parties. The crystal ball is detachable and my kid loves it.Only con I would say, the mic is not very premium but good enough for the price point and does a good job.

  5. Big Boy

    For my son’s birthday, I got his wish full filled.A karaoke machine that portable and cordless.Exceeded our expectations in all aspects.1. Very good audio quality.2. Many options like any other Bluetooth speaker. FM radio, aux input, etc.3. Mic’s audio is superb. Just awesome. Very clear voice and can override the music as needed.4. The LED equalizer lights are beautiful .5. Charges with a Microusb cable.6. Very light weight and portable.7. Even the disco ball light runs on a USB slot. That’s very convenient.My son is thrilled to have bought this for his birthday. Value for money .!

  6. Hello Kei

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     I’ll admit it I’m a kid at heart. Things that shine and sparkle do something to me. I hit this to give to my children after home schooling ended for the summer. It’s easy to connect via Bluetooth, provides great sound and looks good. I want it but I can’t put it in my room now. Insert sad face. The lights alone make it worth the price. With so much going on getting that your package is at the door alert brings joy to my family. We’re playing auxgod on it this weekend. Amazon for the win !!

  7. Michael

    This is such a great little portable speaker/karaoke machine. Got this as a gift for my folks, and the absolutely love it. It took a less than 5 minutes for them to get it out of the box, set up, and start karaoke. The sound is great for something so small, and the mic works great with music playing at the same time. They’ve had it for two weeks, and have already used it five times! What they love about it is that its so portable. They can literally just grab and go. Also. The little disco light attachment is such a great bonus.

  8. Annie

    This little box is amazing!It is really good for family Karaoke night!A little tip: We used Bluetooth to connect the phone to the machine, it worked, but you need to look at your small phone screen while singing. Then we were thinking there must be a way to connect the machine to our TV. Luckily our smart TV has Bluetooth connection. So it really looks like singing in the Karaoke bar with a bigger screen…The machine would be even awesome if we could plug two microphones at the same time. Any ideas?

  9. Kate Barnes

    I bought this for the parents’ Christmas gift. As I do with all electronics for gifting, I take them out of the box to make sure the product works properly. I was very impressed by the sound quality, and the LED light does blink in rhythm to the music playing. My only grumble is there is only one plug in for a microphone but will be buying a second mic to plug into the auxiliary. Well worth the price, it’s out-of-the-box ready and easy to use.

  10. Kaitlin Kitner

    I bought this machine as more for a radio/speaker than to use for karaoke. It came charged and it was so easy to get it set up for my radio frequencies. The voice on it sounds generic that says aloud, “fm mode” “aux mode” but that doesn’t affect anything . It’s quite a powerful speaker for its small size!! My kids LOVE the led usb light that comes with it and we’ve had a mini “dance party” after dinner every single day since we bought it. I’ve been comparing it to a similar speaker my dad has that is much heavier to carry around, and he paid triple at Sam’s club for his. So overall I’m very satisfied with this purchase!

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