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Watch Box with Valet Drawer for Men – 12 Slot Luxury Watch Case Display Organizer, Carbon Fiber Design – Metal Buckle for Mens Jewelry Watches, Men’s Storage Boxes Holder has Large Glass Top: Home & Kitchen

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Are you struggling to keep your watches organized, protected and easy to find? Are you Looking for the most beautiful luxury watch box to accommodate your or a loved one’s expanding watch collection?

Glenor Co. Luxury Watch box is what you are looking for. It will keep your watches organized, safe and gracefully displayed in the most beautiful way. We guarantee it and so do our customers.


*12 Large Compartments – Each cushion holds a small or large watch neatly in place. There is lots of space between the lid and cushions to accommodate watches of all size.

*High Quality- Glenor Co. watch box is made with solid and the highest quality materials only. With its sturdy metal hinges and thick solid walls, it’s destined to last for decades.

*Beautiful Display- With its large glass window and neat pillows this box will give your watches the presentation they deserve.

*Attractive Contemporary Design- It’s very obvious that Glenor Co has given much attention to every little detail while designing this box. It’s elegant buckle and smooth design is the perfect combination of modern and class.

*Opens easily with one hand only.

*The Ultimate Gift- Already packaged in an elegant gift box & gift card included, these watch boxes are guaranteed to please.

Open your box to discover…

*Beautiful carbon fiber design exterior with neat stitchless corners

*Large glass window

*Sophisticated stainless steel metal plate

*Interior is covered in ultra smooth PU leather

*Thick sturdy walls & smooth metal hinges

*12 large watch compartments & PU leather cushions

*Beautiful Gift Box included

*Gift Card included

Glenor Co Watch Box is the ONLY watch box backed by a No-Hassle Money-Back Guarantee to ensure 100% Satisfaction.

So what are you waiting for? Click on the Buy button to order your Watch Box now.

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Luxury Watch Storage Box

  1. Clay Marley

    I am happy with this purchase. Quality and workmanship is good and I think, a notch above many of the valets available. The watch compartment lid is high enough that the glass doesn’t press down on your watches when the lid is closed. I like that there is no cheap locking mechanism; these are annoying because they don’t provide any real security, and require two hands to open.It was a little taller than I imagined, resulting in sort of a spartan industrial look, so make sure that’s what you’re going for. The only issue is that the drawer fits a bit tight, meaning it takes one hand to hold the valet in place, and a second hand to fully open or close the drawer. They could reduce the height of the drawer face by half a millimeter and it would be much smoother.Overall I like it and may order a second, or another Glenor Co. product.

  2. Amazon Customer

    The whole point of having a watch collection is to show it off and the Glenor Co Watch Box, certainly allows you to do that. The whole design is very elegant, with good craftsmanship for the box itself, which provides a focal point for whatever room it is situated in. The cubbyholes for the watches themselves are well-appointed with a foam and leather mold to wrap the strap around, preventing any unnecessary scratching.The valet drawer is a nice touch if, like me, you have cufflinks, tie pins that you use often and that you want to have under hand.All in all, this would make an excellent gift for anyone who has a watch collection, but if you buy it you might just be tempted to keep it for yourself and start a collection of your own.

  3. Rebecca L.

    This just arrived and it is EXQUISITE!First off, the packaging is custom made for this box, which means it’s perfectly designed to protect the material, glass, and metal parts from all possible damage. I’m the Quality Manager for a distribution company and know what a big difference that makes to it arriving safely, and it tells me right upfront the company’s really invested in delivering the very best to their customers. I know the listing says it comes with a “gift box” but I was really expecting a folded up shirt-box kind of thing to be thrown in the Amazon box with it. This is truly elegant enough to proudly hand right to the recipient without wrapping paper or even a bow.Second, I know it’s a simple thing, but the top glass of the box had absolutely no fingerprints on it — I mean, smudge-less to the point that I actually noticed the lack of fingerprints and made a face at someone who touched the glass while we were cooing over it (plus, who does that?? lol).Inside the top lid of the box is a card introducing Glenor Co and a small, blank note card with envelope that I can write in and include with the gift. What a nice, extra touch! It’s obvious they’re thinking their business through to the very end.The watch box itself is every bit as beautiful as it looks in the pictures and as I was expecting, and I really did a lot of looking before I bought this one from Glenor Co. There are lots of other boxes out there that are certainly less expensive and if you’re looking closely they just look cheap. I liked that this one doesn’t have the white top-stitching or an interior that’s a contrasting color or just lined in cheap felt – yuck. The outside of this box is completely covered in that beautiful, slightly textured black leather-ish “carbon fiber” material, with no visible stitching anywhere. It’s very nice to touch. I’m assuming the two metal pieces are shiny silver, but they have a film over them for protection from scratches (and fingerprints from nosy people!) which I don’t want to take off yet since it’s a gift. The 12 removable watch pillows fit snugly side-to-side within their dividers but have about 3/4″ (2cm) wiggle room up-and-down. They’re covered in what feels like a non-textured version of the material on the outside of the box. The one seam the pillows do have is in the middle of the underside of the pillow and it’s nearly invisible, so if you accidentally put one in upside down it won’t look bad at all, if you could even tell. The bottom drawer is roomier than I expected, probably since the photos only show it half open.I noticed the description didn’t give dimensions for the compartments at the bottom and a few other things, so here goes for those of you wondering if your ________ will fit:* Bottom drawer big spaces (x2): 4″ x 7″ or 17.5cm x 10.25cm* Bottom drawer small spaces (x6): 2″ x 2.25″ or 5.25cm x 5.75″* Glass top: 12.125″ x 6.5″ or 30.25cm x 16.5cm* Top metal handle: 3.125″ x 1.75″ or 8cm x 4.5cm* Bottom metal handle: 3.125″ x 0.625″ or 8cm x 1.7cmI might take this to a place like Things Remembered to have the glass or metal engraved with a monogram, which is why I wondered about the dimensions. If I do that I’ll post an update. Glenor Co may want to consider adding personalization service in the future! I certainly would have done it. I did look at similar watch boxes at Things Remembered but they didn’t have the combination of compartments I was looking for, and they were more than twice as expensive. Most of the other good quality watch boxes I have looked at have all started at about $125(USD) – one more reason I’m so excited about this purchase.From beginning to end, I love this watch box. I can’t wait to give it to my darling watch-collector for Christmas! If you’re thinking of buying one, this should definitely be it – just stop looking and buy it.[For the record, I have NOT received this for free/discount to review it or anything like that at all. I’m just a person who’s super happy with her purchase. Although, I’m also a person who wouldn’t turn down free stuff… for the record…)

  4. Kindle Customer

    I purchased this for my husband who just finished building his custom walk in closet/dressing room. He has many watches and jewelry and they end up being kept in their boxes I wanted him to have something handsome and completely masculine to display his watch collection. This piece is fantastic! I love the glass lid so you can see the watches. The individual pillows are perfect. They can even hold bracelets! There are two drawers on the bottom that are perfect for his rings and cuff links. When I gave it to him he asked me how much it cost. He thought it might have been too expensive ($300.00-$500.00) and I should return it, I told him how much it actually was (under $60.00 )and he did not believe me because it was so beautiful and well made and packaged like a million bucks! I showed him the receipt. He was so excited! So all in all this is an amazing gift for the man who has everything and likes to keep it organized. It looks beautiful in his dressing room! I highly recommend this as a gift or for yourself! it is STUNNING!!!

  5. John Everyman

    This is a very high quality box, I’ve owned it for about 6 months now and used it multiple times per day. the pillows that your watch goes onto are a bit stiff, which can be either good or bad depending on what you’re wanting.I have a 7-1/4 wrist, and watches with metal bracelets fit the pillows fine, as well as anything with a buckle. I tend to put anything that’s strapped on a deployant clasp, and that makes the watch fit a little snug. It’s really no big deal unless your strap is really fragile. For me, they’re like a shoehorn for leather straps, keeping them in the shape of your wrist so they contour better when you put them on.The drawer in the bottom of the box is extremely handy for extra buckles, spring bars, tools, straps, etc. I tend to want to keep way too many things in there but it doesn’t matter since there’s just so much room.

  6. Chris Mulholland

    This is the first dedicated watch box I’ve ever bought, and I’m pleased to say it may be the last. The leather feels like it’s good quality, and the box as a whole is very sturdy. There was a little bit of excess packaging when I opened the box, but that’s hardly worth complaining about.What is worth complaining about is how stiff the bottom drawer is. The handle is flat and nearly flush, which is aesthetically pleasing, but does not lend itself to functionality. I’m hoping that the drawer loosens up over time, and if it does, I’ll update this review.The glass is clear, and free of cracks or scratches. Again, the packaging was very sturdy, which helped.Lastly, the box is HEAVY!!! I didn’t bother to weigh it, but it weighs several pounds, which I didn’t notice in the description. If it’s there, then that’s on me, but this thing is not at all light or easy to transport.However, since I bought it to hold my fancy clocks and do-dads, while sitting on my dresser looking pretty, it’s done that job extremely well. I’ve already recommended it to friends and family.

  7. Michael B

    I bought this item because I needed a way to store the building collection of watches and jewelry I’ve been accumulating over the years. I purchased this item thinking it would be a regular case that would serve its purpose and that would be about it. I couldn’t have been more wrong! From the packaging, the materials, the quality and the care taken in manufacturing everything about this seems incredibly well made and thought out. The packaging itself was even really sturdy and well made, nice enough to keep for storing things. They also include a nice looking blank card which makes it convenient and elegant for gifting. As for the watch box itself I was thoroughly impressed when I opened the package and saw it in person. Pictures don’t do it justice. It looks gorgeous, the hinges function flawlessly, the watch pillows are well made and hold my watches very well, the drawer is useful for storing small things like cufflinks, bracelets, earrings and other small necklaces and jewelry or personal items, the glass on the top of the case was nicer than I had expected and provides a great view of my collection and the lid itself seems sturdy as well. I can’t say enough how impressed I am with this. Before placing my order I thought it may have been a little bit overpriced. After receiving it and seeing the quality of the watch box and even the way it is packaged I’m actually surprised it doesn’t cost twice what they are charging for it. I will 100 percent for sure be buying more items from Glenor Co in the future and would recommend this to anyone looking for a beautiful and well made case to store watches and jewelry. Would rate 10 stars if I could.

  8. Colin Clark

    This watch case is a wonderful cross between a watch case and organizer for all of the daily items you carry. The case is very handsome, professional looking, and classy. I am able to securely store and protect my watches in a case that my wife doesn’t find gaudy or out of place. The pockets for the watches are deep and well separated from one another. I believe the biggest face diameter I wear is 46mm and there is plenty of room on either side of the watch. The pillows are leather(faux) all the way around and fit snugly in their pockets, with or without a watch. I did not have any issues with the hinges/brackets that a few other users have encountered, and my glass pane was intact upon receipt of the case. As mentioned before, the drawer doesn’t have rollers or a stop, but that’s kind of a silly point to get hung up on. It is a very nice touch and affords plenty of space for most daily items. It pulls out smoothly as long as you aren’t yanking at it from an angle. Not an issue at all. My wallet, blade, rings, etc. fit with more than enough room to spare. There are infinite ways you can fill the slots, depending on your EDC stuff. I didn’t test the main spaces with my sunglasses, as I keep them next to the front door with keys, which I also didn’t test. If you carry a huge key chain with tons of keys, may not fit, but that’s a bit excessive anyway. I could go on and on, but I will let the pictures add to your search. I looked high and low for a new watch case once my collection began to grow and I bought this one because I knew it would continue to grow and afford me space to store future watches. Furthermore, as some of my watches are solar/light powered, having an open pane glass top allows ambient light to constantly charge the watches when I am not wearing them. I wasn’t sure initially about having them openly displayed, but seeing them every time I walk by makes me happy, kind of a reminder of the collection you own. For parity’s sake, I will offer up some, “criticism” I have with the box. Very small, very slight issues that I am scraping the bottom of the barrel for. One, I wish the glass pane were removable so that I could take it out and have my initials engraved on it. Two, the handle for the drawer is, “sharp” along the edges. I’m not talking razor effect, but just a bit sharper than is comfortable. Again, that’s a stretch though, as your total contact time on the drawer handle is seconds at best. Overall, this case gets top marks from me. Beautifully packaged and presented, excellent quality product, very attractive, extremely handsome, a no brainer for recommendations. Hands down would buy again and would be the only company I look for if my collection exceeds this box or I find myself in need of another one.

  9. douglas f.

    I was helping a friend purchase a watch case and when we came across this one, I was so impressed I ordered one for myself. The cabinet size is larger than usual, and black pillows make the gold and silver watches stand out. The pull out draw has four (4) areas to drop your rings, cuff links, etc into. I installed 2 inch black sponge into each of the openings, made cuts with a razor, this allowed the rings and cuff links to be pushed into cuts making them easier to retrieve and at the same time making a nicer presentation. I highly recommend this item.

  10. Startini

    First I was impressed by the packaging that the box arrived in, a nice sturdy made box with the Glenor company name on the outside. The glass was protected by styrofoam and tissue paper. It also came with a little card in an envelope that talks about the company that made the box. Overall I thought it was packaged well. The overall build of the box feels very study, it has some good weight to it, the pillows fit well into each slot and there seems to be plenty of space between the lid and the faces of the watch, so you don’t have to worry about them scratching.I checked out a few other boxes before deciding on this one, based on reviews and the overall look. I have some larger faced watches and I was worried I was going to have to stagger them out to fit, but thats not the case, they all fit perfectly in this box. Very happy with the quality, and overall look of it. It’s a 5 Star purchase in my book.

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