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Beard Kit for Men Grooming & Care W/Beard Wash/Shampoo, 2 Packs Beard Growth Oil, Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner, Beard Comb, Beard Brush, Beard Scissor 100% Pure & Organic Beard Growth Kit : Beauty



Product Description
Beard grooming kit for men gifts

FULLLIGHT TECH Beard Grooming Kit Gives You A New Beard Grooming & Care Experience
complete beard grooming kit with shampoo oil balm comb brush scissors beard shaping tool barbe penciIs your beard long,dry and unruly? Do you want a well-groomed beard?
FULLLIGHT TECH Essential Beard Grooming Kit will help you out and keep your beard in tip-top shape.The kit contains 60ml beard shampoo to keep your beard fresh and clean which is the first step to condition and grow your beard–A must have in beard care routine.Because a single shampoo retails a lot, it is not included in most kits.The beard oil runs out too fast? you will get 2 bottle beard oil in this upgraded beard kit,You get more than you paid.We encourage you to compare.

Perfect Gifts Set for Bearded Man

Growing a beard is easy.But want a well maintained and styling beard,we need to treat it as a little baby. We’ve got something for you or who you’re shopping for!Beard kit comes with premium packaging making it ready for giving as a gift for men/husband/friend/boyfriend.

beard kit for men christmas gifts

Exquisite Packaging Box for The Perfect Holiday Choices!
Looking for a gift for your loved one? –The beard kit comes in a nice packaging,FULLLIGHT TECH beard set is an ideal introduction for the best beard care.Works great for any type of beard,long,short,thick or thin.BEARD shows authority,intelligence,patience,responsibility.Start Here to grow a nice beard and Find your type and wear it proudly.

Everything You Need for Caring Beard
Beard shampoo beard wash beard balm butter cream beard oil leave in conditioner
Beard Shampoo—Clean,Soften and Grow Beard
Our beard shampoo is formulated to help fast beard growth.hydrates,cleans and softens,giving your beard shine and life. Main ingredients: Aqua,Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil(Argan Oil),Tocopherol(Vitamin E),Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil(Jojoba Oil),Glycerin.
Get rid of beard dandruff
Clean the hair
Condition the beard
Prompting beard growth
Beard Balm–Grow,Moisturize,Nourishes,Condition and Soften Beard
Our beard balm is mainly made of the highest quality Argan Oil,Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E,plays the main roles in condition and soften your beard and keep it controlled. Main ingredients: Cera Alba,Butyrospermum Parkii Butter,Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil,Tocopherol(Vitamin E),Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil(Jojoba Oil),Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil(Argan Oil).
Softens and Condition the beard
Helps in Styling and Taming the Mane
Gives Some Volume to Facial Hair
Prompting beard growth
2 Packs Beard Oil–Grow,Softens,Nourishes,Moisturize and Fresh Beard
The beard oil runs out too fast? you will get 2 bottle beard growth oil in this upgraded beard kit,You get more than you paid Main ingredients :Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil, Hydrogenated Sweet Almond Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil(Jojoba Oil),Tocopherol(Vitamin E),Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil(Argan Oil). .
Reduce split-ends
Softens facial hair
Nourishes the skin underneath
Promote active growth for men’s beard
beard comb beard scissors beard brush beard products beard care E-book beard care kit for men gifts
High Quality Taming and Trimming Tools
Solid Wood Beard Comb, keeps you away from frizzy beard.It also helps sculpt the beard into place prior to using styling balm, which in turn helps you identify the strays that need snipping. 100% Boar Hair Brush Keep facial hair well-groomed and neat.Boar bristles help distribute oil, improve hard hair texture,smoothing and conditioning.without resulting in any irritation. Stainless Steel Sharp Scissor ,We can trim the out of control beard/mustache at home.MAKE BEARD STYLING NEVER BEEN EASIER
Online Beard Guide E-Book in PDF for Download
Please Note: That is an Online Downloadable E-book, Not A Paper Book. This Electronic Guide Book will introduce you how to grow a beard and how to use Beard Products correctly.I hope you will find it helpful.If you don’t find the sticker on the box,please check your Amazon Mail box to find the file we send to you via message.
Complete Beard Grooming Kit for Men Gifts
Everything you need to Groom and Grow your beard with confidience is included in this beard kit.Come and Get one for you or the one you love on Birthday and other special days in your life.His/Your Beard Deserves Better. Package Includes:
2*Beard Oil
1*Beard Shampoo
1*Beard Balm
1*Boar Bristle Beard Brush
1*Wooden Beard Comb
1*Stainless Steel Beard Scissors
1*Storage Bag
1*Exquisite Men’s Gift Box and Beard Care E-Book (An electronic PDT document,not a Paper Book.)

Feature Beard Kit for Men Best Gift Choice beard straightening heat brush & Beard Oil Kit for the best beard care result.
Products included Unscented Beard Oil, Unscented Beard Balm,Beard Comb, Beard Brush, Beard Scissors,Beard Care E-book Beard Straigthener, 30Ml Beard Oil
Perfect For All Hair Types ✓ ✓

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Beard Kit Men Grooming

  1. Nordric Hinds

    I have had this product for a few days now and I have tried everything that’s included and I must say it is very much worth the money. The wooden comb just glides through my coarse beard and doesn’t break or split the ends in any wise. The oil is really light and works right into the beard, as well as the beard balm. Everything softens and soothes my beard insomuch that I can actually feel the difference from the then to now and it has only been a few days. The only thing I can see finishing fastest is the beard wash, it is absolutely amazing: working it into my beard and rinsing off I can then see how much dirt is trapped in my beard on a daily basis – something I’ve never experience with any wash or exfoliating scrub to that degree. If you were double minded in this wise to purchase, then you should not be skeptical; it’s well worth the money.

  2. nicholas

    I got this for my better half since his beard is scruffy and coarse i was exited to get him something that will hopefully help that! So i opened it just to see what it smelled like cause i didnt want to give him anything that smelled terrible but to say it is uscented is not true at all, it does have a smell its kind of like a wood smell which it isnt bad at all! But it is scented

  3. Emalee

    I bought this for my husband as a Christmas gift, he loves it. he’s one of those men that has never taken care of his hair or beard and so he’s just beginning. Have not gotten him to use the beard wash yet but I will! His beard feels so soft and looks nice relaxed blended together. Also just as a little side note his beard is mostly Gray, and so this works on really hard to tame hair.


    This is probably not a big deal in the overall scheme because the ad does tell you exactly what you are getting. It’s just the main picture is padded. You see the product AND the box the product comes in, which make the kit look like there is more than you get. That being said, I like the product so far. The are uncounted except for the beard wash that has a pleasant light earthy-citrus scent to it.

  5. Auriele Creasman

    Bought this product as a birthday gift for my boyfriend. He’s been wanting some good beard stuff for a while. It has a nice packaging and is good quality oil, balm, etc. He was really excited about everything in the kit and liked the booklet explaining how to use the products properly. I wasn’t sure what to buy at first but I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I would buy again.

  6. DonSanAnto

    I’ve had a beard and mustache for decades and I’d never used a beard grooming kit until my girlfriend complained. In deference to her I bought it but I was skeptical; however, after only 3 weeks she was kissing me more often and longer, therefore the ‘payoff’ was a great dividend and I recommend it highly to any man.My facial hair is definitely softer and looks much healthier and I regret not using a beard grooming kit 20-30 years ago.

  7. Marshall Daigle

    I frequently just got out the military and was able to grow a beard but I didn’t know what to get until I seen this item and it really did help make my beard look great. The oil isn’t scented. The beard wash makes your beard manageable. The beard Blum Increases the moisture in your skin and facial hair. The beard comb it’s made of wood with a nice finish to help glide too long beard hair anything less than an inch I suggest use a brush. But this is a great product for beginner and also make a great gift. But mine didn’t come with a brush.

  8. Shaun Denee

    I gave this to my boyfriend as a gift and he absolutely loves it. The products don’t have a bad chemical smell, it honestly smells like organic citrus. He has not stopped using it since he got it. He is very much a fan of this product

  9. Daniel Orion Duke

    I recently ran out of the last 2 oz tin of beard balm that I purchased from someone else and wasn’t thrilled with the product, and decided to buy this kit since it was only 5 dollars more expensive than another 2 oz tin of balm and seemingly contained a lot more value.Review by piece:-Beard Wash: Haven’t gotten a chance to use, will update in a few days when I finally remember to take it to the shower with me.-Beard Oil: Scentless as advertised, in a very nice container with dropper, and moisturizes beard as much as you would expect the direct application of oil to.-Beard balm: While I don’t see it mentioned on the product page, this is also scentless. Balms I’ve used in the past have had a variety of strong scents (not all of which were strictly pleasant) so this is a new one for me. It seems to work just as well as those so far, without the occurrence of my dog or cats trying to smell my beard.-Scissors: A part of this I had forgotten but was happy to see, these scissors are of a much higher quality than I would’ve expected from a kit such as this, and seem to be constructed sturdily of good metal.-Beard Comb: Probably the most underwhelming piece of this kit, the comb is thicker than I would like for something that would go into a pocket, and has no cover so is likely to get the oil or balm from your beard to cover the things alongside it in your pocket. While it works just fine, I will still opt to carry my lower profile wooden beard comb I received in an earlier purchase.-Beard Brush: A piece of this kit I was probably most excited for, and was not disappointed. The bristles don’t hurt the skin while still being stiff enough to function very well. My beard can be a bit unruly at times but a combination of snipping with the scissors and some circular brushing with the brush, it’s looking nice and even.Final verdict before edit: I’m INCREDIBLY pleased with my decision to purchase this kit, and if I don’t spontaneously develop chemical burns from the products within a few days I’m probably going to purchase another instance or two of the kit as gifts to my brother and father. In the future I may even be convinced to buy it for myself again because regardless of redundancy of tools, this amount of hair-care product for the price is absurdly good.Edit: I got around to using the beard shampoo and it works well. My beard was soft after use and absorbed the oil well.Unfortunately, me have small brain so I got distracted and put the oil back in the bag without sealing the dropper lid effectively, coating all the items in beard oil and soaking the bag. Everything rinsed off easily for the most part but I had to just throw the bag away. I’m also out of oil now two days after receiving it :/. Be sure to tightly seal the dropper lid after you finish useing it. Still five stars since the lid works fine I just forgot to use it.

  10. Erin defilippi

    Gave this to my husband for Christmas. He loves it. Especially the beard wash and the brush. He has a very thick, bushy beard and the wash really softens it and then he puts the oil on at night and I can actually get my fingers through it. He’s been getting less ingrown hairs as well from massaging the oil into his skin. He’s very happy with this kit

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