Anti Eye-bag Massager Therapy

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Eye Massager with Heat, Compression Bluetooth Music Rechargeable Eye Therapy Massager for Relieve Eye Strain Dark Circles Eye Bags Dry Eye Improve Sleep (White): Health & Personal Care



Product Description
RENPHO Eye Massager

1Health and wellness for your eyes
Spending hours working on the laptop or phone can cause fatigue for your eyes and mind. Fortunately, there are things you can do to alleviate headaches and provide relaxation.
The RENPHO eye massager can help. This device can provide 4 different therapy methods: compression, vibration, heating, and music.
Effectively relieve eye pain, improve blood flow, improve sleep quality, reduce headaches, and alleviating chronic eye soreness.
When our eye massager is working, it will compress air and produce vibration and music, which may result in normal sounds <55dB, just like people's voices when they talk. Tips: We do not recommend using the eye massager while charging. 343

Applicable to many groups
The RENPHO eye massager is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. It is ideal for many people: teenagers who excessively use their mobile phone or tablet causing eye fatigue or myopia, office workers who use their computer every day, elderly people who have dry eyes, and people who have stress or insomnia.

Our eye massager is made of durable PU leather, our PU leather material has been tested by SGS without any harm to the human body. It is lightweight, breathable and waterproof; It will produce a slight odor. If you are sensitive to odor, we recommend that you put it for 1-2 hours before use.

Rechargeable large capacity lithium battery and USB charging offer maximum portability. The input is 5V/1A, voltage is 5W. Please use your phone adapter, power bank, laptop USB interface to charge it.
There are 5 modes, each mode lasts for 15 minutes and will automatically turn off after 15 minutes; Tips: The charging port has been changed from the right end to the middle.

Portable design
Lightweight and folding design so that it is easy to carry. Use it in your home, office, and travel.

Ergonomic Nose Pad
The design of the RENPHO eye massager ensures it fits snugly, securely, and comfortably on your nose.
If you don’t like the music, please use “Heat Only” or turn off the volume by short pressing the music button.

Elastic strap
Easy to adjust elastic headband makes it suitable for many head sizes and shapes, while also being easy to clean. If you feel too tight or too much pressure, which make you feel uncomfortable or painful. Please loose the head belt, or ask us for help.



Portable design


Ergonomic Nose Pad


Elastic strap

1 3433 1
Simple Interface
Power Button: Press it for 3-5 seconds to turn on/off. Short press to change massage mode.
Music Button: Long press to change next track, short press to change volume change +/-.
Compression Button: Long press to turn on/off Bluetooth, short press to change the compression.
The eye massager uses compression and 2 motors to help achieve acupressure-like results. Acupressure stimulates reflex zones which help improve circulation around the eye, minimizing headaches and alleviating chronic pain.
What’s Included
1 x Eye Massager
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

Massage Area Eyes, Temples Eyes, Temples Fit For All Feet, Toes, Arch, Heel Shoulder, back, neck, leg, foot, all body Shoulder, Waist, Full Back
Power Supply Input: DC 5V 1A Input: DC 5V 1A AC 100-240V Input: DC 12V 24A Input: 24V 1A Input: DC12V 3A
Auto Timer Auto Timer: 15minutes Auto Timer: 15 minutes “AI Gym” APP Auto Timer: 15/20/25/30 minutes Auto Timer: 15 minutes Auto Timer:15/20 minutes
Heating ✓ ✓ Compatible with Zwift On Instep and foot bottom

Additional information

Additional information


1 Count (Pack of 1)


A-white, B-black

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Anti Eye-bag Massager Therapy

  1. Eli

    Amazing product! I got this for my migraines because I use a hot rice pad and thought this may be better. Man was I right! The massage and heat helped relieve my migraine. My husband loves it as well and said he never knew he needed an eye massager until he used it!

  2. Javeria

    I purchased this product because I get frequent migraines.Even though I haven’t used this product in an active migraine yet but I can see myself using it.I used it generally and with occasional headache and it worked great, the best part is the temple massage which is the main place which hurts when I get a headache.It is equipped with many modes; clear, automatic, sleep etc.Pros:- u can connect ur phone music through Bluetooth ✅- heat component makes it very relaxing ✅- temple massage perfect for migraines ✅- 5 modes all great!I was initially nervous putting it around my eye for the first time but it doesn’t hurt and it is as much pressure as an eye can take!

  3. George Watson

    I suffer from chronic dry eyes and puffy eyes. So I gave this product a shot.I found it to be a bit heavy in a upright seated position, however, reclining or lying on a bed it is not heavy at all.My first use was a bit surprising. The device does exactly what is described, massage, heat, vibrate, and music.The eye massage applied a lot of pressure to my eyes and at first it was a bit uncomfortable after a couple of uses it was a non factor. The heat was nice and it feels good. The built in music leaves a bit to be desired and definitely is not my taste in music, HOWEVER… the Bluetooth feature allows you to connect to your phone and you can play whatever suits you. I like that feature a lot.I use this device daily now and whether or not it relieves my dry and puffy eyes is not important to me any longer. It leaves my eyes feeling good and… I frequent fall asleep while using the device.There are multiple built in settings lasting various lengths of time, and combinations of the features.Over all, I think it is a good product and have recommended to a friend of mine because it makes my eyes feel good and I think it could make their eyes feel better.

  4. G. B. Carlson-Duchmann

    Been using this a few days now. I have to say wow this is great. I love that it’s usb-rechargeable it’s small and lightweight and comfortable. It uses air pressure for the massage so it’s never too hard. The heat is just right and soothing and the optional music will lull you to sleep in minutes. I got this for my wife but I find myself stealing it and using it more and more. I had no idea how much stress you carry around your eyes and head. This massager does not disappoint and is well worth it!

  5. Ben Wang

    Very nice massager and warm compress! Great product to replace my microwave compression kit. Never need to use the microwave again. Never need to worry it becomes too hot in the beginning and gets cold too quickly. Saves me a ton of trouble.The massaging power is quite strong as well, especially on the temples. It’s great since I have headaches and this should help.Instantly became something I rely on every day. Highly recommend, especially to those with dry eyes or anyone want to keep eyes healthy. For it’s price, nothing can beat this.

  6. Magie

    I go to the eye doctor for treatments twice a year for dry eye. $700 a pop. Saw this and it sounded close to the sensation. The eye doctor machine is fitted to the inside of the eye. But the heat and the massage is similar. Told her about this and she immediately looked it up. Said it would not hurt me to try this and is anxious to see if I maintain the results better from the in office treatments.. She encouraged me because of how it helps my sinus issues. Less inflammation in the area would be a plus.. I almost sent it back. Have a small head and it the strap doesn’t get tight enough. Better if I lie down.. Glad I tried it several more times. It is well made.

  7. jettlash1000

    Overall, these do exactly what they say they’ll do. They massage your face, eyes and temples. The heating function is awesome, and works quickly. I’m surprised how fast it warms up. There are multiple modes based on what your preference is. I think the ability to pair this with your phone via Bluetooth is what sets this apart from other models. I can actually play my own music through them. Battery life is more than adequate given everything these do. The power button acts as the on/off, as well as the button that switches between modes, so you’ll want to have the manual handy until you learn the modes.All in all, these work well and do relax me. The true test will be to try them when I have a bad headache. I’m hoping to not have to take aspirin for headaches anymore.

  8. Michael J.

    I purchased the RENPHO eye massager on 12-2-2019 and in March 2020 the heating element “went out.” RENPHO was awesome in standing by their product and then a month later on the replacement the “metal rod” that holds elastic strap in place on the right hand side of unit “popped out” and again RENPHO was phenomenal in replacing it.I love this eye massager and do the first 3 protocols for a total of 30 minutes every night before I go to bed. I find that I sleep better and for the past month, I’ve not needed to use my bifocals at work as my vision has improved.My mother, brother, niece and several of my patients have purchased this same eye massager. My brother can be in the middle of a headache and use the eye massager and resolve his headache and no longer has a problem with his “dry eye” problem. My niece improves her headaches and my mother has improved sleep.Mike E.Las Vegas

  9. Jamie K

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     She loves it! I’m a tech nerd so, like a moth to a flame, if it’s got a blue blinking light on it.. I want it. So for her birthday I decided to steer away from the usual types of presents and get her something very unique. Saw these on Amazon and started reading about them. There’s a lot of them out there but I settled on this one because it had better reviews. When she opened it, I’m pretty sure her initial reaction was I wasted money on whatever the hell this thing was. She was clueless about it because she’s the anti tech one. The yin to my yang! I explained to her how to use it, charged it and when she got out of the shower I made her put it on.She had no idea I was recording her reactions, but Jamie is now the trophy husband because she loves it. So much that she took it to work, let them test it out and now they bought them too. You gotta really be into the whole woosaa zen thing like her I suppose to fully enjoy it because it’s not like it’s going to instantly make life suck less for you but she’s happy with it. After her shower she puts it on and relaxes with it. She’s happy, I’m happy 🙂

  10. L.R.

    I received the box with my new massager and happily spent the next hour playing with it.Here are my initial reactions:It came very well packed.  When I first put it on, it felt heavy.  At the same time, I realized that this was a well built product and probably wouldn’t fall apart easily with the constant putting on and taking off of the massager.It also came partially charged which was a great thing.  I get very frustrated when I look forward to playing and using a new product and then have to wait for it to charge.  It is a rechargeable battery set, and it comes with a USB cable.  The charger must me supplied by the buyer.It has three buttons: a power button and a “+” and a “-” button.  All of the buttons are recessed with the power button being larger.  It takes a few seconds of holding it to activate it, so you won’t accidentally turn it off or on.  The “+” is used to connect and disconnect to blue tooth and the  “-” button is used by holding it down which creates an up and down volume loop.There features are vibration, heat and air pressure.  They are attached to 5 different pre programmed modes with times listed at the end of each mode.  I have not yet tried this feature, but assume that it means that it will auto shutoff at the end of each mode.A good choice that I’m looking forward to using for quite a long time.

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